Tuesday, 20 February 2018

The devil's mirror

The inspiration behind this blog is my nephew Aditya; the very same cool guy I had mentioned about, in one of my earlier blog posts- a teenage boy who resides in an altogether different, parallel universe that's far more fantastic than the absolutely humdrum monotonous world that we dwell in! In this imaginary realm of his, laboratories brew the most innovative magical potions; kitchens cook yummiest of the foods; superheroes battle and triumph over deadliest of villains using bizzare gadgets; laws of physics act as per their own convenience, travels lead you accross time to mysterious places and enigmatic people ; and stereotypically boring and mundane entities like mathematics are barred from entering!
Despite being nothing more than a mere figment of the talented boy's vivid imagination; the strange world is way more fascinating than the one that we are acquainted with!
"The devil's mirror" is an idea that popped out of the dreamer's mind  and hopped onto a shabby, insignificant; yet a curious looking piece of paper that I found lying around in some corner of the house. Despite the overall unattractive appearance of the paper, there was definitely something about it that cought my eye. The handwritten piece was titled "My favourite dream" and went on to describe one of the most extraordinary dreams I've ever heard of!
Apparently his dream carried him off to the hilly terrains of Sikkim; where he stumbled upon a singular mountain peak; a mysterious air about it. From afar, the peak had a distinct appearance- a one characterized by multicolored square shapes on one slope and what looked like multiple dents on the other.
As he approached closer to the hill; he was greeted by a queer looking stranger who introduced himself as his guide for the day!
The "guide" informed him that the 'dents' were in reality; a maze of deep caverns and that this part of the hill held deep secrets; the access to which was forbidden to everyone except the "Maharishis"( the ancient sages).
The other part with the colourful squares was actually a sophisticated resort which was carved out into the mountain; and had variously colour coded suites.
The most interesting part however; was the mountain peak; which carried a huge table-land over it; balanced to perfection. This part was the fabled 'lair of the devil'!
Ignoring several warnings from people discouraging him from wandering off near the devil's lair; he still decided to pay a visit to the hilltop. He reached the place; half anxious; half curious; anticipating the appearance of the 'devil' at any moment! However, all he found there was a mirror;  the devil was nowhere in sight.
Curiously, he peeped into the mirror, his heart pounding with anxiety; only to encounter a great fall; and find himself in bed; awake, flustered, but very much present in the boring real world!
"This may not be a very nice dream", he goes on to say, "but it has certainly given me some ideas to write a new fictional story".
Much as I envy the boy's colourful imagination; I certainly couldn't help but think about how much his idea holds true in real life too! 'The devil' truly resides within us; the only way to find and destroy him is to look into the mirror; introspect!
The boy's brain however; is not yet cluttered with such serious, cliched philosophical stuff. The spirited young mind is already busy weaving some magical story about decoding the secrets of the 'Maharishis' and destroying the devil.
That carefree attitude and youthfully fresh, innocent, unadulterated perspective is all I long for!

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